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Nadja Kanellopoulou

Research Associate, HeLEX

Selected Publications

  • Melham KA, Hawkins N, Kanellopoulou N, Kaye J, Gowans H, and Curren L (2013) Ownership of Biomedical Information in Biobanks In: Comparative Issues in the Governance of Research Biobanks, ed. by Pascuzzi, G and Izzo, U and Macilotti, M, Springer Verlag. (ISBN: 9783642331152).
Nadja Kanellopoulou

Photo by Adrian Arbib

Dr Nadja Kanellopoulou is a former Postdoctoral Researcher in Law at HeLEX.

Her research at HeLEX was focussed on legal and regulatory aspects of privacy and consent, as part of the EnCoRe project, a multi-disciplinary research initiative to improve consent and revocation mechanisms in the management of personal data.

Nadja is a lawyer by training (PhD, LLM, Edinburgh; LLB, Athens; Admission to Practice (Athens Bar). She completed her PhD at AHRC/SCRIPT with Graeme Laurie and Ken Mason, was previously an ESRC Genomics Forum Research Fellow (Edinburgh), and is an INNOGEN research associate (Edinburgh).

She specialises in Medical Jurisprudence and Intellectual Property with particular interest in biotechnology law and regulation of individual and group identity in genomics. She has expertise in comparative legal and social aspects of human tissue research and assisted reproductive technologies, including biobanking, tissue donation, benefit sharing, bio-property, public engagement with genomic technologies.

Nadja is a member of several international law and ethics research networks and journal editorial boards involving the governance of medical and innovative technologies.